John Wootters

"Mr. Whitetail"


Originally Published In West Kerr Current

Hunting guides see a lot of shots at game. Mostly, they keep their opinions to themselves, perhaps permitting themselves a mumbled “Good show” or “Well done”. In my 40 years of guided hunting, I’ve been pleased to receive many compliments on my shooting, ranging from a slap on the back to a heartfelt “Good shot!”

Originally Published In West Kerr Current

Of all the game birds in North America, the only one with which I have a real love-hate relationship is the Common (or Wilson’s) snipe, often called “jacksnipe.” Snipe are devious, unscrupulous little birds, and they don’t play fair. When you flush one from his marshy playground, does he fly smooth and straight like any honest bird?

Old Plugs

Mar 1, 1982

Originally Published In Field & Stream

You have to understand at the outset that I am not a real bass fisherman. You can tell just by looking at me and my gear. I don't own a polyester jumpsuit with a patch on the breast pocket, I don't own a bass boat (except for an inflatable, named "Riff-Raft") with more electronics than a Russian trawler. I do not possess a graphite rod with anything written on the shaft, nor a freshwater reel with line heavier than 6-pound-test.

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