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The West Kerr Current is a weekly, family owned newspaper that has been serving Ingram, Hunt, Mountain Home and the Divide since 2003.

When John and I sold “Los Quernos” Ranch in South Texas we settled in the Texas Hill Country. We named our place “Chital Ridge” after the local Axis deer who share the ranch. John took his resume into Clint Schroeder, owner or the local West Kerr Current because he wanted to keep writing. Clint said he couldn’t afford him and John replied that he didn’t ask to be paid! Between October of 2003 and 2013 John wrote over 400 stories. I am thrilled to share some of them here.

John said these weekly columns were some of his most enjoyable work. No pressure, no one dictating what he wrote about, just fun stories about what was on his mind and in his heart. ENJOY! Jeanne Wootters January 2019

Originally Published In West Kerr Current Hunting Guide 2011

For me the most exciting time of any day of hunting comes just before daybreak. I call it "waiting for shooting light". Dawn is only a hint of pink to the easat, and it takes its own sweet time in arriving.

Originally Published In West Kerr Current

Speaking of ways to add challenge to your deer hunting (which we were, in this space two weeks ago), perhaps you’ve been considering a handgun, in addition to traditional muzzleloaders or string guns.

The Legend of Bucky

May 13, 2004

Originally Published In West Kerr Current

For 22 years, through Y2K, my wife and I owned Los Cuernos Ranch down on the border near Laredo in Webb County. A lot of interesting critters lived there, the most fascinating of which was a whitetail buck named (naturally) Bucky.

Originally Published In West Kerr Current

It is the nature of mankind to enjoy a challenge, and hunters are no different. This is why some deer hunters turn to the so-called “primitive weapons” — archery or traditional muzzleloading rifles.

Originally Published In West Kerr Current

We live in the very heart of Texas' exotic-game country. More free-ranging foreign beasts are frolicking around in Kerr County than anywhere else in Texas.

Originally Published In West Kerr Current

Ever eat a jackrabbit? Many years ago, I was a guest for some predator calling on a ranch on the Frio River. On arrival day we were served lunch by the ranch cook. Lunch was a delicious stew filled with tender meat that was obviously from a small mammal. I inquired of the cook what species of animal, and he very reluctantly informed me that it was a young jackrabbit he’d collected that morning. His reluctance was because he figured (correctly) that most Texans are prejudiced against eating jackrabbit.

Originally Published In West Kerr Current

As one who takes a certain pride in eating whatever I shoot, I find myself on the horns of a dilemma relative to turkey gobblers. I am not necessarily a hunter of trophy turkeys, being willing to settle for whichever long-beard comes to the call. I also take pride, however, in fooling big old mature toms and generally give jakes a free pass.

The Story of Delilah

Mar 25, 2004

Originally Published In West Kerr Current

Mind you, I am not claiming to have invented the turkey decoy, but I did carve a life-sized hen turkey from a block of Styrofoam before I ever saw a manufactured turkey decoy. And Delilah, as I named her, did lure a wild gobbler to my gun on her first outing, on the Nueces River a little downstream from Montel.

Originally Published In West Kerr Current

Much controversy exists about which type of gun is proper for spring gobbler hunting.

Originally Published In West Kerr Current

There’s no doubt that the second-ranked big game animal in Texas is the wild hog ... sometimes glamorized as “wild boar” or “Russian boar.”

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