John Wootters

"Mr. Whitetail"


NEW! The Best Catfish

Apr 30, 2009

Originally Published In West Kerr Current

The story is told in East Texas about the notorious noodler who showed up one Saturday afternoon on the Crockett town square, very excited. "Noodling is sort of like arm-wrestling a big fish barehanded.

NEW! How it all Began

Apr 3, 2008

Originally Published In West Kerr Current

Port Aransas waters had never seemed so dead as in the summer of 1950. I couldn't buy a bite anywhere . . . surf, piers, jetties, passes or bays. So I went to see Bill Ellis, the owner-in-residence of the historic Tarpon Inn.

Old Plugs

Mar 1, 1982

Originally Published In Field & Stream

You have to understand at the outset that I am not a real bass fisherman. You can tell just by looking at me and my gear. I don't own a polyester jumpsuit with a patch on the breast pocket, I don't own a bass boat (except for an inflatable, named "Riff-Raft") with more electronics than a Russian trawler. I do not possess a graphite rod with anything written on the shaft, nor a freshwater reel with line heavier than 6-pound-test.

Texas Fist Fight

Jun 1, 1955

Originally Published In Outdoor Life

I couldn't have felt sorrier for myself as I sat on the long veranda of Tarpon Inn at Port Aransas, Texas, brooding over my bad luck. This was the big fishing trip of the season for me. the one I'd planned and saved for all summer, and it was a bust. For two days, the last two of my visit to this famous fishing spot. I'd been skunked. It wasn't the weather or the water or the scarcity of fish. Conditions were O.K., but I simply couldn't connect. Somehow I always missed being in the right place at the right time.

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