John Wootters

"Mr. Whitetail"


Originally Published In West Kerr Current

Birdwatchers - or "birders", as we prefer to call ourselves - come in several flavors. There are the little old ladies (LOLs), Bird Identifiers, and the "Listers."

Originally Published In West Kerr Current

Most kinds of hunting involve a lot of waiting. The best thing about this fact is that the waiting is mostly done in some very pleasant places — autumn woods, near stock tanks in dove season, and in blinds on the bays, rice fields and river bottoms frequented by waterfowl, for a few examples.

Originally Published In Petersen's Hunting

My wife says I'm a little paranoid about blue quail, but that's ridiculous. If it were true, I would suspect that blue quail conspire against my dignity and my sanity, but I harbor no such suspicion. On the contrary, I know positively that I am the intended victim of a blue quail conspiracy! What's so paranoid about that?

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